914 Knee Sleeves

Color: Tan

Material: Neoprene. 7mm thickness.

Fit: Tight compressed fitting. If you would like them slightly looser please size up. Go based on what you would wear in shorts. 

Design: Support is on the way! The YoungLA knee sleeves are made of high-performance 7mm fabrication that will provide great exercise support, improved recovery time, increase blood circulation and aid in injury prevention. Sold as a pair and can be selected in a range of sizes.


Disclaimer: These charts are for reference ONLY. This is intended to be a general guide, and while we do our best to ensure all our sizing is consistent, you may find that some styles vary in size. Fit may vary depending on the construction and material. If you are unsure you can always contact our customer service team via email or phone: support@youngla.com or 818-206-8764

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