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Enzyme X2 Tech

Our Enzyme X2 Tech is an antibacterial technology which is used to soften the fabrics. Once the fabric is washed by our Enzyme X2 Tech technology, it allows the extra comfort and a smooth touch to the skin. he technology also releases ions to the fabric which prevents the odor that most polyester garments have. The Enzyme X2 Tech technology also stabilizes the wetting agent and eliminates the moisture problems which makes the fabric sweat absorbing and keeps you dry and fresh at all times. So, this new and unique technology helps the fabric get softer, moisture wicking and odorless.



Microfiber Tech

The technology used in the formation of our Microfiber Tech is more sophisticated, sensitive and costly than other polyester fabric. This technology needs great handling and focus in the manufacturing process because any carelessness during production can cause the fabric to be subordinate quality. We use this technique to increase the durability of our fabric and, to provide a distinctive and opulent look.





In our YLAGE 24 Tech, we wash the fabric with the Hydrophilic Softening Agents. YLAGE 24 increases elasticity, stretch and elastic recovery of knitwear. This technique is used to confer a very soft and smooth hand to the fiber. The technique is resilient to the water, so it doesn’t get compromised after the washes, making the fabric stay soft after every wash.


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