409 Metal Collection Jacked Tee

Color: Black

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton.

FIT: Relaxed.

DESIGN: The shirt lives up to its name, these shirts are made to make you look jacked. Designed to aesthetically make the back, chest, and shoulders look wider than normal. Straight bottom cut with YoungLA Metal tag on the bottom and date embroidery on the back. 

MODEL: Wearing a size Large. Weight 185lb Height 5'9.

WHY WE MADE THIS: This shirt is something we have been working on perfecting for a long time and now it's finally here! This shirt is oversized and drop shoulder in the areas it needs to be but also not super loose on your arms and helps you look more "jacked" and broad. With its Metal details and MMXIV embroidery, this is definitely a must-have YoungLA product!

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