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YoungLA's Story


YoungLA is a fitness clothing brand headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. We began as a small business between our two owners who aimed to create an affordable, yet up-to-date fitness brand that is also comfortable. The business has now grown into an entity made up of 20 individuals, each person taking pride in the products that are designed for our customers. With customer satisfaction being our number one goal, we make unique and special products that our customers can wear with pride and confidence. We pride ourselves on designing and creating clothing that are premium quality but also at a fraction of cost of fitness clothing market. From start to finish, each product is designed with our customers and quality in mind.


Before starting YoungLA, we found ourselves searching for the perfect fitness wear at an affordable price. However, it didn’t exist, so we decided that in order to address the issue of mixing affordability with comfort, we needed to create our own brand. Our goal is that by creating an affordable, yet luxurious brand, the fitness clothing industry will change to address customer satisfaction over making a large profit. By dropping our prices to create an affordable line, we build and establish customer relationships, all the while still adequately profiting from our sales. At YoungLA, we ultimately believe that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive, nor should you have to pay more to get better quality.
We take a much different approach to our products than others since our goal is to make products that are premium quality and an affordable price. Our process starts with an idea and then, transforms into a product that goes through several quality checks including us wearing and testing it ourselves for a long period of time. Because we would not sell something that we would not wear ourselves.


Our commitment to our customers begins before our product hits the market. Since we prioritize customer satisfaction, we spend at least two months testing out the clothing before releasing it. Our aim is to create long lasting relationships with our customers, taking the extra time to verify our products are 100% perfect is a step we must take to ensure that our customers are happy. Because when our customers are happy, we are happy. 

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Est. 2014